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The only problem you'll face with a window box is remembering to water the plants inside it. Flowers in window boxes need be watered more frequently than those planted in the ground. However, leaving too much water on the root system can drown the flowers. The solution is to install a self-watering window box. In this type of planter, the water is stored in the bottom and gradually feeds the plants as the soil dries out and oxygenates.

We recommend two 20-quart bags of our premium Self-Watering Potting Mix ; each of these planters holds 22 quarts Our Self-Watering Windowboxes let you create a smart, consistent look around your home, while ensuring your plants don't dry out. They have big water reservoirs that keep soil moist and plants healthy.

Window Boxes filled with flowers are small but mighty. Since all the flowers are packed into a tight space, they need more water. I found an easy way to do it, thanks to garden designer Paul Taylor.

Our self-watering window boxes feature a patented reservoir system that stores excess water and gradually irrigates the soil through a wick mechanism. TF dot com : Here's a great way to water window box planters and it is easy to do for just a few dollars. Self Watering reservoir system for window boxes holds up to a gallon of water See more

Designed for Window Box Gardens. Complete, self contained drip irrigation kit. No tools required, connects to standard water faucet or garden hose. Low maintenance, saves water. Easy set-up and expansion. instructions included.

Planter Reservoirs. Add self watering reservoirs to window boxes and garden containers, and ensure your plants are always hydrated just the right amount. In container gardening a planter reservoir is an easy way to cut down on manual work while improving the health of roots. Each insert featured below is its own water conversion kit