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I seriously love using fresh herbs from the garden and have been meaning to get mine planted since spring, but have super slacked. The spot I kept my herbs last year had a mint take-over (which I'm ok with), so I decided a needed a new space for herbs that don't dominate. This stand alone vertical

Vertical herb gardens have a ton of benefits. To start off, they are an awesome way to save space while still growing your greens. If you plan your vertical garden in a specific way you can create a gravity-fed watering system that uses every drop of water that you give your plants.

The pallet vertical gardens are growing rapidly because they carry more for captivating and stunning effects and impacts to garden. You can grow strawberry, expensive herbs and plants which are hard to find, and many types of flowers.

From small wall planters for growing a few herbs to tall vertical gardens where you can grow just about anything, we have it all! Get ready to try out your green thumb by planting your favorite herb and flower seeds into one of our many wall planters. Or you can just purchase some fully-grown plants from your local garden center.

To assemble our vertical herb planter, Capture the beauty, fragrance, and flavors of your herb garden in a classic wreath—no special… Read more. Herbs; Gardening How to Build a Bale Frame . Read more. Gardening Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical gardening is a method used to grow small plants along a wall, fence or another upright structure. This guide will walk you through the process of turning fence pickets into a standalone vertical garden, perfect for displaying herbs and succulent plants.