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If you're looking for wine cork craft ideas, here is a DIY kitchen utensil holder that will look great in your kitchen or make an ideal gift for wine lovers. If for some crazy reason you end up with an abundance of wine corks (I know, I'm not sure how it happens either), there are plenty of wine cork craft projects out there to put them to good use.

Other holders weren't nearly as nice looking and were almost double the price. This one holds utensils nicely without tipping over, and has 4 little pads on the bottom that keep it from sliding around and scratching the counters. I fit about 8 of my most-used utensils in it before it started to get crowded! Very happy with my purchase.

Top 27 Clever and Cute DIY Cutlery Storage Solutions Posted By MMK on May 2, 2015 In order to have a clean and shiny kitchen, try our latest collection of cutlery storage ideas to organize your cutlery.

Maybe do this for kitchen but the way that I did my sisters pen holder for her desk utensil holders, because I love having a FEW useful objects out on the counter. utensil holder - Vitrified Studio, these are beautiful Designer Kitchen Gadgets Best Kitchen Utensil Holder Ideas On pertaining to Kitchen Utensil Holder Ideas See more

19 Great DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas. Here are 19 great diy ideas that will help you to get more organized in your kitchen quickly and easily.

Pegboard comes next in the list of DIY utensil holder projects. This is one of the easiest yet very utility idea as it can hold and accommodate many things from your kitchen. The only thing that is required for building this project successfully is S shaped hooks which will be used for hanging utensils.