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10 Small Urban Apartment Decorating Ideas

10 Small Urban Apartment Decorating Ideas Divide and Conquer. Select Clean-Lined Furniture. Go Compact When Possible. Incorporate Modular Pieces. Choose Dual-Purpose Furnishings. Make the Most of Corner Space. Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors. Open up the Room with Clear Furniture.

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Urban Rustic Decor Ideas . Urban Rustic decor blends the old and the new, the hard with the soft. Always add contrast to every design element. Create focal points with re-purposed architectural items. Whenever in doubt of your urban element, think modern loft. Textures, natural surfaces, wood, metals.

Urban Decorating Ideas What others are saying Deco 79 51652 Metal Glass Accent Table, x Brown - 25 inch updated traditional glass top wrought iron movie reel accent table, top supported by metal reel on ladder style tripod frame and footed base

Urban interior design stems from the modern designer lofts in the major cities. Taking cues from its cosmopolitan environment, urban modern is a fusion of various opposing and complementary traits. Minimalist modern, glamorous chic, ethnic heirlooms, and edgy experimental designs all collide in a distinctively 21st-century setting.