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Shopping for sun umbrellas by size helps to ensure that you select an option that provides the ideal coverage for your needs, and Wayfair makes it simple to do so with this selection of 6 foot and less patio umbrellas. At Wayfair, you can find 6 foot and less patio umbrellas that are ideal for use at home and on the go.

Search Results for "Custom Patio Umbrellas" Great patio furniture includes a great patio umbrella. Custom patio umbrellas will add some pizzazz to your outdoor furniture. The unique shape is made to withstand normal umbrella movement caused by the wind and weather. CCB-2 is made of cast iron

Offset patio umbrellas feature many of the same functional accessories as traditional center pole umbrellas, with several unique advantages and characteristic elements. They are generally considered to be a more versatile option, because they can be used in any setting where a center pole would

Patio Umbrella Styles. Transform the atmosphere of large and small spaces with outdoor umbrellas in a variety of sizes. Cover your pool deck or patio dining table with a large market umbrella that shields a broad area, or find a compact market half umbrella that fits flush to the wall and is ideal for shading furniture.

The most common type are market umbrellas. They're easy to use, portable and have a center base design. Offset patio umbrellas, by contrast, are anchored off to the side and feature durable steel frame construction for optimal durability. To get the most of your patio umbrella set up, however, look no further than solar patio umbrellas.

Stay cool under the hot sun with our selection of durable, stylish and competitively priced outdoor umbrellas. World Market's unique assortment of colorful umbrella canopies, well-crafted umbrella poles and sturdy umbrella stands help you create a chic outdoor resort in the garden, by the poolside or in the backyard.