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37 Garden Border Ideas To Dress Up Your Landscape Edging

Garden Edging Ideas Using Bricks, Plastic, Metal and Other Materials. Edging your garden beds serves a practical purpose but it should be done decoratively to add a design and look to your garden, thus combining form and value together. Nowadays there are some excellent options available to home gardeners for edging their flower beds and lawns.

This Edging Kit can help make your garden look beautiful and unique, without hiring a professional. You can easily place it around raised flower beds, trees, and garden using a rubber mallet to drive the spikes into the tabs for a long-lasting border.

Brick is a common landscape edging choice: It's classic, widely available, and relatively inexpensive. Push bricks tightly together to minimize spaces between them that turf can slip through. To prevent heaving and unevenness in your garden edging, set your bricks in a bed of sand.

Tomato Headquarters upcycles and recycles anything and everything in their garden including making terra cotta flower pot garden edging. Again, this one is fragile and easy to break if you are not careful with the lawn mower or weed whacker. The thin branches in this raised garden border on Instructables reminds me of a dense forest.

Plastic Lawn Edging. Edging is a vital part of any lawn. It is almost necessary to edge your lawn to preserve your garden bedding, patio, walkway & driveway etc. without proper edging the sand with start to spread around and your pavers will start separating. You are also securing your patio, walkway & driveway through rain and show.

Brick garden edging ideas can be used anywhere in the outdoors like pathways, edges or garden beds. The brick edging seen here is built around and under a tree to grow plants and flowers. The gardener has optimally utilized the space underneath the tree for planting greens and he has opted to use bricks for bordering.