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Iconic contemporary furniture brands like Knoll, Kartell, and Emeco are the cornerstone of 2Modern. View our website to learn more about these designers. Skip to Main Content

Check out top 200 best high-end luxury classic and contemporary designer furniture brands, collections, manufacturers and stores.

Top 10 Best Furniture Brands List. These companies are manufacturing the best furniture such as chairs, sofas, Futons, coffee tables, cabinets, beds and anything that you need in your living room and bedrooms, dining rooms and children rooms. If you wonder why IKEA is not listed, you can read IKEA kitchen cabinets. Aspen Home Furniture. This company has evolved from a small business into specializing best furniture company in innovative products. Their products are designed carefully to

Like Opera Contemporary, Capital is part of another flagship Italian furniture brand. Atmosphera is the high-end manufacturer to which Capital is related, based in Italy's Padua region. Sharing the same dedication to flawless attention to detail, Capital differs in its commitment to contemporary silhouettes across its collection wardrobes, sofas, armchairs, writing desks and more.

4. Berkshire Hathaway Furniture. Among the many holdings of Berkshire Hathaway are these stores, which make up its furniture division: Nebraska Furniture Mart, R.C. Willey, Star Furniture and Jordan's Furniture. Nebraska Furniture Mart operates out of three huge stores in Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa.

Lexington Furniture. Lexington Furniture is among the best furniture brands in the world, and have an impressive catalog of designs fit for any style. Their rich textures and astute capture of fine details work to create a harmony of quality among their designs that will amplify the luxury of any space.