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Tiles can be placed in a number of locations, and in an even larger number or patterns, colors, and styles. When planning a tile remodeling project its design and layout can have a big impact in the feel of the space.

Tile Layout Ideas in Different Sizes. The tile size that you install on your walls and floors has a definite impact on the look and feel of your room's decor. From smaller mosaic shapes to large-format planks, learn how the right tile dimensions can transform your space into something special.

Not quite free at $1.99, this planner claims to allow various tile patterns, adjustable grout spacing and flexible floor plans so that you can design your layout and decide all the details, then it will email a report to you detailing how many tiles of the various sizes you will need to recreate it on your own floor. Tile planner for $ 1.99

Pattern Layouts Don't feel limited to just one size tile on your floors or walls. Download these suggested patterns for ideas and eliminate the challenge of calculating the percentages - they are already done for you!

For those new to laying tile, the temptation is to pick the straightest wall and start laying the floor along it. While that may work with other flooring materials, tiles must begin from the center of the room. This gives you plenty of space to work outward to the walls and ensure a symmetrical pattern.