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27 IKEA Studio Apartment Ideas - YouTube shares tricks and tips for decorating a one-room apartment and making the most of a tiny space. HGTV Urban Oasis 2019; 12 Clever Ideas for Laying Out a Studio Apartment. Find more small-space design ideas and tips on getting ready to buy your first house.

Though there are some downsides to living in a studio apartment — not having as much space for your stuff, feeling like you're living in your bedroom — it can be a cozy and fun living experience, too. Stick to these design tricks when decorating a studio apartment and you'll love studio living.

The designer created this "Style Studio" for Lindsay along one wall to act as clothing storage, a video set and an apartment design element all in one. The chaise, formerly a catchall for un-hung clothes, was reupholstered in ivory microsuede, and now serves as the perfect place for Lindsay to interview guests.

Create Two Rooms In Your Studio Apartment. The biggest key for the best studio apartment layouts is a room divider. This can take your apartment from looking like a college student lives there to a sophisticated powerhouse of a woman. I have a rectangle of open space, so the first thing I needed was a room divider.

This layout accounts for the fact that sometimes, more than one person lives in a studio apartment—which adds an extra layer of challenges. In this arrangement, everything is planned to make space for two—extra storage and extra seating—something that's no easy feat.

This 312 square foot studio apartment layout is equal parts efficient and stylish. The IKEA Kallax bookshelf serves a dual purpose by providing ample storage as well as separating the living area from the bedroom - which is especially important for not staying in bed all day on those rare work from home opportunities. 2. Create a Cozy Refuge