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Paired it with Ikea's Bekant table (63 x 31 1/2") and I got a roomy standing desk - fits 2 laptops, a 22 in monitor and much more. Just waiting for the Wire Tray Cable Organizer II by SimpleCord and I could hide all the cables. Note: Standing desk is harder to crank downward I assume as a safety feature but no big deal.

Caveats: First, the maximum adjusted height on this table is 40 inches, which isn't going to be high enough for anyone over 5-foot-9 or so. Speaking of Ikea, when I started exploring standing

IKEA Craft Room Tables and Desks. I created my large, 25 sq. ft. craft table from IKEA units, which you can see here. I love how much storage this craft table has — I've got storage on all four sides (cubbies, doors, and drawers), plus there's room for three people to sit at it.

Interested in trying a standing desk but put off by the price? Check this out. Colin Nederkoorn, founder and CEO of, has designed a simple base that can raise a monitor and keyboard up to standing desk height. Even better, it's constructed out of Ikea furniture that'll only run you $22

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Ikea 200-114-08 Side Table, Black I did not want to purchase a $500 raiseable stand, so I purchased this table and sawed the legs down. The table is now 10.5" tall (above my desk) and allows me to type while either sitting or standing. It is not ideal for either position, but it works OK if