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Oak Spiral Stairs Our oak spiral staircases are made from choice kiln-dried Northern and Appalachian red oak — hand selected for quality and beauty. All of the Oak Spiral Staircases are custom made to exact floor-to-floor heights and are designed to make assembly quick and easy.

Glass is the ideal material to give your staircase and hallway the perfect lift. From cut-string glass that effortlessly graces any space to stunning glass spindles for the very latest look, our designers can work with you to create an architectural delight.

A spiral staircase adds architectural interest and space-saving benefits to any room. These compact stairs come in a wide range of style options and allow for convenient access to a second floor, a loft or even a storage area.

Spiral Staircases have been used in construction for over 3000 years. The initial concept of a spiral staircase was one of safety and defence and were commonly used in the Middle Ages in castles and forts. Their twisting nature put attacking armies at a disadvantage by not being able to flood the building with soldiers.

The Square Spiral This sleek, modern spiral staircase proves being "square" is way cooler than we were led to believe on the playground. In fact, the warm, natural wood steps and sharp, black rails are enough for us to encourage you to go square and never look back. From: Malboeuf Bowie Architecture

Spiral stairs are often a great space saving option when accessing an upper floor and can be a truly striking feature within a room. The spiral stairs that we supply come in all shapes and sizes and are available in a wide range of materials to provide a contemporary or traditional solution for your project.