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Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations This Year

Place a rolling cart to your front porch and add a mix of seasonal decorating pieces, potted plants and flowers. Update the look each season by changing out a few pieces and you'll be able to use the cart year round.

1. Brighten it up. Sometimes small porches (especially if they are enclosed) can be dark and uninviting - there's nothing to draw you in. A sure fire way to remedy that is to paint your front door a bright color. Go with a color that compliments the body of your home and doesn't clash with it. Of course a bright color is very eye-catching.

7 Simple Small Porch Decorating Ideas to Try 1. Layer on the rugs. Layered outdoor rugs add extra interest and cover up plain or unattractive 2. Paint all the things. Whether you spray it or brush it, paint is the perfect way 3. Scale down the furniture. A small porch calls for small

Welcome to our front porch design ideas gallery. Like your front door, your front porch is an important part of curb appeal. It is the first part of your home that your visitors will see, and should match the overall style of your home, so there are about as many different styles of front porches as there are design and architectural styles.

Bring a party outdoors by extending living space off the back of your home. This simple porch design features beautiful stone tiling and brick trim tiles, classic columns, and French doors. The furniture looks airy with exposed legs, which also helps make the most of the small space. Related: Best Back Porch Design Ideas

39 Cool Small Front Porch Design Ideas. If you don't have a garden then grow your flowers on stairs to your front porch. Choosing the right color for a front door is really important part of a front porch's design. If your front door is red then you might want to get light fixtures and planters in the same color.