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Opt for artwork Decorating ideas for small hallways

10 Amazing Ideas For Decoration Of Small Hallways Vintage-inspired hallway. Latin-inspired hallway. Festive hallway. Bright hallway. Mirrored hallway. Monochrome hallway. Encaustic - tiled hallway. Blue Georgian hallway. Country-style hallway.

One of the most popular ways to infuse your home with personality is to add a gallery wall of family photos. The hallway is often the perfect place to try this look, as you have an open stretch of wall space just begging for the perfect decoration ideas. A hall is also a more intimate space which is perfect for family photographs.

Maximise your small hallway with these simple decorating tricks 1. Make a feature of coats and boots. Embracing the 'clutter' makes a small space feel less 2. Revel in the practicality of smart shelving. 3. Maximise space with bespoke storage. Maximise the decorative potential 4. Single out

Here are some - 25 to be exact - of the best ideas to spruce up your hallway walls: View in gallery Although people often leave their hallway walls bare by default (looking sad and neglected because, well, they are sad and neglected), in some cases, a plain wall is the best choice.

Tiny Entryway Decorating Ideas. You should also have a small table in your entryway. The table should be small and fit snugly against the wall so guests won't trip. Place a beautiful flower arrangement on the table to welcome your guests and keep a small decorative bowl on the table to hold keys, cell phones, or other belongings.

Narrow Hallway Decorating Ideas And finally, I've been scoping out a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest lately for what we could do in this hallway, so I thought it would be fun to round up a few narrow hallway decorating ideas up for you today.