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Creating activity areas is key to open plan living, whether your space is big or small. Room dividers are a great way to carve out space for a specific activity, like work or sleep. We've got ideas for different types of room dividers: store, display, hide, or see-through!

A room divider is an easy and affordable way to create a home office where there wasn't one before or just turn a studio apartment into one with bedroom plus living room. Scroll down to see all our room dividers.

Whether it's an illusion of privacy, decorative personality, small space solution, or strategic layout you're after, we came up with twenty creative room divider ideas tp swoop in and save your ikea room divider bookcase. RHF 6 ft Tall (Extra Wide) Diamond Room Divider,Wall divider,Room dividers and folding privacy screens,Partition Wall, With 2 Display Shelves&room divider with shelves-DarkMocha-4 Panels 2 Shelves.

Billy walk-in room divider (psst… it's a secret room) Jules Yap April 6, 2013 Door to room opened, taken from inside the roomDoor closed, taken from outside the room (living room)Materials: 3 40cm-wide Billy bookshelves with doors, IKEA c

Got a small, open-plan space but still want room for a spot of work and some alone time? Check out our 5 ideas on how to use room dividers.