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While all these cultural and historic influences helped determine the furniture of the Regency Period, the style itself used ornamentation for its elegance, rather than rich carvings and curved

Looking for a French style entrance or foyer idea for your home? Why not welcome your guests with a statement zebra rug, and traditional gilded hand carved furniture? A distinct feature of Versailles and French Regency style were bronze or gold gilded furniture, created by bronze makers who were masters in their craft.

DOROTHY DRAPER'S HOLLYWOOD REGENCY STYLE. Dorothy Draper, the mother of Hollywood Regency style, was a decade-defining decorator of the 1940s who freshened dark and tired period styles with fresh coats of white paint, black lacquer, and loads of oversized botanical prints and stripes.

It's a celebration of all things glitz and glamour―the Hollywood Regency decorating style came into being during the heyday of Hollywood's larger-than-life movie stars in the 1930s. It's not a look known for subtlety, nor is it for those who prefer simple or minimalistic rooms. Instead, it's all about turning the space into a showpiece of luxury, style, and personality.

The Regency furniture style, a neo-classical style, was fashionable in England, along with its French counterpart, the Empire style. The Regency style was named after the period from 1811 to 1830, when the Prince of Wales served as Regent for King George III before becoming King George IV in 1820.

Hollywood Regency, sometimes called Regency Moderne, is a design style that describes both interior design and landscape architecture characterized by the bold use of color and contrast often with metallic and glass accents meant to signify both opulence and comfort. It is named for the movie-making industry of southern California as typified by the glamorous homes and estates of the actors and actresses of Hollywood's "Golden Era", roughly from the 1920s through the 1950s, and typified by the w