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52 Dry Heat Home Sauna Designs (Photos) Prev Article Next Article . The two basic styles of outdoor saunas are huts and barrels. You can get them pre-built (i.e. a sauna kit) or have a custom outdoor sauna built. Outdoor dry sauna hut.

Sauna Plans - Indoor Ideally, your sauna design should allow for a cooling down or rest area, a shower beside the stove room and a dressing room to hang up your clothes or house coat. A home sauna is often built into the basement, a cold fruit cellar, a converted car garage, a spare room or as part of a bathroom.

This video showcases a mix of the hot home sauna interior designs and unusual saunas from the exterior. There's a barrel sauana on the lake, traditional Scandinavian sauna hut, Mexican sauna and more.

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Outdoor saunas have become a standard in many back yard oases today. They are relatively easy to build, if you keep your design simple. The main thing is to provide a sturdy foundation for an outdoor sauna to sit on. Outdoor saunas can be built on an existing deck or concrete slab.

When choosing a design for your outdoor sauna plans, you are probably looking for a freestanding, self-contained unit that is easy to install, looks beautiful, and will provide years of use with minimal maintenance. One popular builder of outdoor saunas is Finlandia, who designs and ships pre-cut and pre-fab units.