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We offer office partitions in a variety of sizes and lengths, allowing you to choose the options you need to fit your layout. Best of all, you can connect multiple divider panels together, creating the shape that your office needs.

Versare is the place for efficient, affordable office privacy panels. Our wide range of room dividers, cubicle dividers and desktop privacy screens can enhance any environment.

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Installing office partitions and panels is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a communal area into individual workspaces and semi-private meeting rooms. Having movable walls also means you can rearrange and reorganize your work area with ease to better suit the needs of your work and staff.

Office cubicles present a fast solution for compartmentalizing large office spaces into multiple individual segments. Panel systems like these improve workflow, giving more privacy to employees. Using office partitions enables employees to concentrate on the task at hand without being distracted.

Panels are available as small desktop privacy screens or freestanding, full-size barriers. Portable Wall panel systems can be moved around the office as your needs change. Create small workspaces for employees who only need a phone and a computer, or use the panels to form a larger workstation for a supervisor or for employees who work as a team.