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A prefabricated home, or prefab home, is a term used to describe any building or dwelling that is manufactured off-site in a home building facility, and then transported to the home or building site. Although they are built to local, state and regional codes, modular homes are even technically "manufactured" in a home building facility.

Modular homes are assembled in sections and then transported to the home site by flatbed truck, where they are put together according to a predetermined plan. It's possible to customize modular homes since they are built in sections. You can have a home of any size, but the sections that make up the home are all the same size.

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Modular homes are homes that are built in sections in a factory and then transported to a building site on truck beds, then joined together by local contractors. Modular homes are built to conform to all state, local or regional building codes at their destinations.

Define modular. modular synonyms, modular pronunciation, modular translation, English dictionary definition of modular. adj. 1. Of, relating to, or based on a module or modulus. 2. Constructed out of usually prefabricated units with standardized dimensions, allowing for easy

When the term 'mobile home' is used, it is not giving the manufactured home the credit it is due. Today's manufactured homes are built according to very stringent building standards. They are beautiful, functional and sometimes even indistinguishable from site-built homes.