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Vertical garden stand. Modern design - Etsy - by IndustriaMetal. // Herbs, bringing in colour

Dreaming of an indoor herb garden, but lacking in space? This simple, sustainable, and space-saving Eco Planter Herb Kit from Modern Sprout will help get you growing with just water and sunlight. Each individual frosted glass jar is rigged with a passive hydroponic system to prevent users from manually under- or over-watering.

The next modern indoor garden in our vegetable growers review is the truly impressive MiracleGro AeroGarden ULTRA. This amazing vegetable and herb grower will produce anything from tomatoes to violets, to jalapeños in large quantities (which is something very few indoor planters are capable of) and might as well help you start your own organic

Pot a mature plant from your outdoor garden and leave it outside until the leaves die back. Bring it to your coolest indoor spot for a few days, then place it in a south-facing window for as much

Today I'm showing you how I created this vertical modern kitchen herb garden. Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had an outstanding week. It went by in a blur for me. I'm in the midst of doing work for clients, attempting to spring clean, and purging my house of "stuff" like my life depends

I'm so super excited to introduce my sister, Adriana, and her Easy Indoor Herb Garden tutorial to the Tried & True family! She is the mother of two boys (my adorable nephews that are often on my Instagram!), a civil engineer by trade, and an all-around amazing sister, woman, and friend.On top of all that, she's got a great sense of style and a natural eye for beautiful clean lines.

An indoor hydroponics herb garden with monitoring. I am creating an indoor herb garden, partly because I hate buying huge packs of herbs only to use a few leaves and throw away the rest, partly so I can have fresh herbs and lettuce on demand, but mostly I'm doing it for fun.