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Minimalist Interior Design with a Rigorous Aesthetic: PV House

In Japan, people are stripping down their homes in favor of minimalist designs. The practice dovetails with the rise of Marie Kondo and the deep-rooted influence of Zen Buddhism. Here's what they look like.

In minimalist interiors, WHITE happens to be "The BLACK". It creates the illusion of the bigger, cleaner space and smoother details to everything else. Neutral colors including lime green, beige, stone and taupe is also another options for room color other than white. For you accent color, red can be a tasteful choice.

Architect Gillian Green took a pared-back approach when designing this home. See how she transformed a dark and dated space into a modern home with a reduced palette that still feels warm and

A Simple Minimalist Color Palette . A minimalist color palette is the foundation of minimalist interior design. A subdued scheme of primarily neutral colors will create the perfect canvas for your decor and emphasize a clean and tidy space. A predominantly white space punctuated by black and grey is a classic minimalist look.

Minimalist Home Design Resources. Visit any of these resources for inspiration, ideas and fixtures for your home. Dwell Magazine - An inspiring magazine about modern home design, inside and out. Interior Arcade - Photographs and information on many different minimalist homes. Kohler - Bathroom and kitchen fixtures for minimalist home design

it's a big, bright, and modern apartment in berlin, with our own minimalist scandinavian / nordic style in interior design (we are from sweden after all). besides from kitchen, bathroom and