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Minimalist Apartment Decor - Modern & Luxury Ideas A minimalist lifestyle is not for everybody. But in this frantic world, most of us feel that call- to have less, to spend much less, to do much less, to require less.

A minimalistic design can really help enhance the flexibility of your design, especially in terms of application. For example, this branding by Büro Ufho consists of a simple serif brand mark and two blocks of flat color. This particular branding has a high degree of flexibility in terms of its color palette; the color of the diagonal blocks are able to change quite easily without losing any of the brand's integrity, all thanks to a simple, yet unique minimalist design.

Minimalist design is built around the relationship between natural lighting, eye-friendly colours and regular biometric shapes. Jarring colours are used only in minor details within a room. Common materials used in minimalist design are natural stone and wood, metal and glass.

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MY MINIMALIST APARTMENT Minimalist Decor Ideas. Finally! It's here. :-) Thanks so much for all the requests, I'm happy and honored that you are all so interested in seeing more of my home