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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas, Galley Kitchens Maximizing Small Spaces

In this kitchen, concealing the fridge and dishwasher behind cabinetry panels gives the small space a tidy look. Light-colored cabinets, open shelving, and a large pass-through window make the galley open and airy.

17 Galley Kitchen Ideas From Chefs Who Work In Small Spaces All Day. Small galley kitchens can get hot, fast. "Having a nice hood is important, especially when you cook a lot," says Ansel. "It sucks up all the heat and humidity and helps keep the temperature of the room lower.".

Galley Kitchen Ideas For Small And Narrow Spaces. Independent Kitchen Small Galley Kitchens Galley Kitchen Design White Kitchens Dream Kitchens Designer Wooden Counter Concrete Counter Wood Countertops. Our goal is to help you bring life to your space with stunning, quality tile & stone.

Galley kitchens are popular in apartments and small homes, where space is at a premium. But they can work in larger spaces as well, where the nature of the design creates a streamlined look.

20 Best Small Galley Kitchen Ideas. However, after looking at many kitchens, the designs that stand out the most in my mind are galley kitchens. I mean, my kitchen surely doesn't look like any of the kitchens in the featured photos, but I am starting to appreciate my small kitchen.

'Galley kitchen' refers to a kitchen design that stretches along two parallel units forming a small corridor. The space-efficiency of this layout is praised by (hobby) chefs and owners of small kitchens. Often times, galley kitchens are found in the floor plans of older houses when the kitchen was a separate room to the dining and living area.