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Finding a delicate balance between a design she loves today and one she won't outgrow is difficult. Fortunately, our decor ideas will please your child's taste and stand the test of time. Get more great design ideas for your bedroom, the family room, your teen's bedroom, and the bathroom. 1 of 12. Kid's Bedroom.

22 Creative Kids' Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again Lina D. BoredPanda staff We love to write about interior design at Bored Panda, but we often forget to cover one important group - kids!

The dresser you choose for your child's room depends on what needs to go in it. A single dresser features one column of drawers, and a double dresser features two side-by-side columns. To house all of your child's clothing, from socks to sweatshirts, choose a dresser with drawers of varying sizes.

May 10, 2018. Designer Angelica Henry created a fun bedroom for energetic kids that includes fort-style bunk beds, plenty of storage space and a … 'Love It or List It, Too' Host Jillian Harris is Pregnant! Congratulations, Jillian and Justin! We're already designing the nursery.

After 10 years of blogging, it's fun to shake things up every now and then! Today I'm guest hosting My Five Favorites - a series hosted by Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles, Kris from Driven by Decor, Lisa from Shine Your Light, and Pam from Simple Details to share My Five Favorite decorating ideas for a kids bedroom.

Creative Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas. It evolves from your vision of the perfect space to their sanctuary that they let you enter. And of course, back to your space, which is another post all together. So while you have a say in their bedroom style, or you are a teenager looking for decor ideas to share with your parents,