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4 Mason Jar Chandelier Pendant Light Fixture Beautiful Rustic Industrial Retro eBay

Vapor Tight Light Fixtures. Our LED vapor tight light fixtures are specifically engineered to withstand harsh conditions. These heavy-duty linear and jelly jar LED light fixtures are perfect for wet or dry applications including gas station, car wash, industrial kitchen, dock, pavilion lighting, and more.

Mason jars are probably one of the easiest things to re-purpose and recycle. You can use them for basically any kind of project. But turning them into light fixtures is very common and very easy. You can use jars to make pendant lights, lamps, chandeliers and lots of other great things.

There are two common types of mason jar lights: Light fixtures such as mason jar pendants and mason jar chandeliers, which requires electrical connections. They often can light up a whole room. Decorative mason jar lanterns lit by candles, string lights, etc, to provide ambiance lighting.

Lighting isn't cheap these days, and yet stylish lights, whether indoor or outdoor, go a long way in setting a great ambiance. One great way to bring a rustic charm to your lighting is by using the classic mason jar to bring a touch of elegance and class to your lighting.

16 mason jars. Keyless light-holder socket. Globe Candelabra Base Incandescent Light Bulb Pack. Hex. Rayon or cotton covered lamp cord. 1 x 8 x 6 pine board or wood pallet. Flat Head wood screws. Black Coffee Metallic Glaze Specialty Finish.

The mason jars solar lights are no new to the crafty people but there are ways you can make them look more special, fun and custom for your decor needs and desires. Here the simple mason jar solar light has been turned into a fun decorative piece for your shelves or mantles by gluing the colorful patterned tissues inside the jars.