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Make getting into your seating arrangement and around your furniture easy You might not mind moving a chair out of the way to get behind the dining table, but guests don't normally feel comfortable in spaces they don't understand how to traverse. Small homes especially need to be on the look out for this un-inviting culprit.

This video will show you how to secure your apartment better. This video will show you how to secure your apartment better. Skip navigation Sign in. Search.

When it comes to decorating a rental apartment you've got to put your own stamp on it - no matter how generic it may appear on move-in day. Because no matter how many people have lived there before you, or how many people will live thereafter, it's yours now and it needs to reflect your style.

Renting out your apartment requires a lot of research and work to ensure the space is in top shape. Whether it is a property you have lived in and want to vacate or an investment property, make decisions that give you the best return, while protecting your property and self. Choose between a do-it-yourself approach

You might instantly cringe at the thought of a studio apartment, but some of my all-time favorite apartments are studios. If you set your studio up right, it can be the perfect little living space. Here are some tips on how to decorate your small NYC studio: 1. Use curtains to make the room look taller

Most are fine with painting, hanging wall decorations and replacing existing window treatments and light fixtures, as long as you return the apartment to its original state when you move. A little paint, throughout the whole apartment or just on one wall, can make a world of difference in terms of how you feel about your space.