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It's important to look after your kitchen knives so they stay sharp and out of the way of little hands. For more D.I.Y. advice, and details about tools and m

Knife holders are not very expensive, but why spend money on a regular knife block when you can easily make one that's simple yet more elegant and functional! This clever knife block design came from the creative mind of Martin Robitsch. There are plenty of versions sold by different seller

Try this 24" black magnetic knife holder for a sanitary method of storing your cutlery. Forget using traditional knife blocks and try the 24" black magnetic knife holder instead! With a magnetic knife holder, you can simply place cutlery items against it and they will be held securely until you the next time you need them.

First, make a bunch of scrap wood material as described in this instructable here. Then, cutting across the board and using a sled so that the wood doesn't bind, cut a strip of scrap material off of the end. For a very long knife strip, or if your scrap wood blank is particularly short, cut two and glue them together.

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1. The blogger at PLIP wrote about this hack her partner did using two GRUNDTAL knife holders from IKEA ($14.99/each, can be ordered online). With pliers and a hammer, he was pretty easily able to fit one inside the other to make a double magnetic holder.