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Color Washing in Multiple Colors has never been so easy!

Pages that have colors that are appealing to you, colors or finishes that look appealing to you, something that gives you a feeling of what -- something of interest. It maybe subtle, it maybe dramatic, each one of these I pulled out has either, like this one has a specific finish or a color combination. This one has a marble stone.

Simply click on any of the major paint brands shown here. You will see examples of some of our most popular color combinations for faux finishing. The best part is that you will see the paint color numbers for that paint brand. Use these faux finish color ideas and samples as a guide to getting your customized home interior paint decor!

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To create your BEHR Faux Glaze finish, you will need some special supplies. In addition to your BEHR Paint base color, you will need a top glaze color and a supply of BEHR Faux Glaze. You will also need a plastic bucket for mixing, and implements specific for your desired glaze technique such as sponges, rags, a whisk broom, etc.

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