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2012 SOLIDWORKS Help - Formatting a Design Table

This video demonstrates how to model an ANSI flange, prepare the model for a design table, insert a design table, and edit a design table in SolidWorks 2017. Other features that are demonstrated

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Using Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS. Edit Design Table in New Window. Because it is easy to close the design table by simply left-clicking in the display window—and if your part has a lot of parameter values—you may want to use the Edit Table in New Window option. Highlight the Design

Next we will utilize our sheet metal gauge tables in a new SOLIDWORKS sheet metal design. Using Sheet Metal Gauge Tables in SOLIDWORKS. We have now created the sheet metal gauge tables in Excel in the appropriate format. We have saved the tables into a folder in Windows, and we have pointed SOLIDWORKS to this folder. We are now ready to use

With design tables, I could use the option to save a design table to a standard Excel file that controlled my conveyor length, shape, types of rollers, belt guides, pulley sizes, guards and every piece of the bill of materials (BOM). All I would have to do is get my rough dimensions from design sketches of conveyor inputs and outputs.

Editing a Design Table When you use design tables in the SOLIDWORKS software, it is important to format the tables properly. In the ConfigurationManager, right-click Design Table and select Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window. The worksheet appears in the window.