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Dorm Room Decorating: Must-Know Tips From College Students. You may think a bland dorm room holds no decorating potential, but just wait. We have savvy design and storage tips to turn your new college digs into home sweet home.

My Favorite College Dorm Room Ideas Also, another option that I have only learned after living through (and decorating) several college dorm rooms is that less is more. It's fun to have wall-to-wall coverings with photos, prints, tapestries, and so on, but sometimes a more minimal approach

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When you're decorating using these dorm room ideas, the most important factors to consider are function and personality. You have limited space, so your design choices need to be smart — but don't forget to have a little fun. Your dorm room is your new home; make sure your personality shines through in your choices.

Related To: Every dorm room needs an adequate place to work, and every desk needs the essentials for an effective study experience. Keep your workspace clean and organized; a messy, stressful environment may not be quite as inspiring. Use desk organizing accessories or drawers to keep clutter at bay and all of the necessities within reach.

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