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A laminate countertop installation is basically a grade-school cut-and-paste project writ large. You build the substrate, cut out the laminate, and paste the two together with contact cement.

How to Build a Laminate Counter 1. Set the ⅝-inch plywood countertop substrate into place on top of the cabinets. 2. Cut the plywood backsplash pieces down to size using a circular saw and straightedge guide. 3. Slip the backsplashes between the rear edge of the counter and the wall. 4. Press the

Sometimes, plastic laminate countertops, also called Formica countertops, need an update — and that doesn't require replacing them all together. You can simply paint over them. The first step to painting laminate countertops is roughing up the surface enough to allow the paint to adhere well. We

10 DIY Countertops That You (and Your Wallet) Will Love Subject to wear and tear day in and day out, kitchen countertops must be updated eventually. With DIY countertops, homeowners enjoy not only

DIY Laminate Countertops Step 1: Materials and Tools. We couldn't purchase the usual style of pre-made countertops Step 2: Measure and Cut First Layer. This step is important and can be challenging Step 3: Build Out to 2 Layers. Using particle board offcuts, I made the countertops two

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