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Cabinet Lighting: These lighting fixtures are mounted underneath a cabinet or shelf and provide illumination for a particular task. They are most often placed in kitchen cabinets to act as pinpointed spotlights for cooking, but they can also provide accent brightness for home office or living room shelves.

Dining Room Lighting. Set the mood for family dinners, or give your guests something to talk about with our fine selection of quality dining room lights. No matter what look you're going for, Destination Lighting has the fixtures you need to help your ideas become a reality.

In a dining room, a beautiful chandelier will create a sense of class and formality, even if the furniture in the space isn't exactly formal. Kitchen ceiling lighting fixtures not only illuminate the area you cook and prepare food but also can add a dramatic style element to your kitchen. Create a cohesive look.

Dining ceiling lights are an efficient source of lighting in any size dining room. We offer a impressive collection of ceiling lights to complement your dining room's furnishings and specific colors. Ceiling lights sit conveniently above your head to offer maximum exposure.

Chandeliers are traditionally more formal, but new versions include edgy takes on classic motifs, like crystal lighting or minimalist architecture. You can enjoy both kinds of lighting even in the same room. For instance, a long dining table might get a chandelier in the center and coordinating pendants at the ends. Customize Your Lighting