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To turn a small, sort of sad living space into your favorite room, consider taking an empty wall and turning it into a top-to-bottom mini library. It'll provide plenty of storage opportunities, but also makes such a statement and gives a luxe built-in effect.

Mirrors are a great choice small living rooms because they can help make the space feel bigger and brighter. Be strategic with where you place your mirrors in your small living room. If they reflect the busiest pattern in the room rather than the serene scene outside, your space may feel busier than it actually is.

Style is not measured in square feet. So no matter how small your space, opt for a look that's powerhouse - not poky. We've rounded up some of our go-to upgrades, from graphic wall treatments and riveting patterns to big-scale furniture and bold colour. While tailored to small living rooms, they work for floor spaces of any size.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas Use space-savvy furnishings, clever storage solutions, and chic decorative touches to make your small living room feel and live large.

Nudging one piece of furniture in front of another is a way to build necessary function or storage into a tiny living room. Place a console table or low dresser against the back of sofa to add table surface for lighting, as well as a place to put drinks. Tuck poufs or floor pillows under the coffee table so you have extra seating.

This design would sound unfamiliar for you, especially if you are tending to use the modern design for your living room. There is a lot of small living room ideas that you can apply, one of them is to decorate it with a lot of mirrors. This is not something that can only make it worse, this is actually one of the best solutions for you to make