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How to Decorate Shelves

90+ Fall Decorating Ideas for a Beautiful Autumn Season 90+ Fall Decorating Ideas for a Beautiful Autumn Season. By Southern Living. Pin. More. View All Start Slideshow Photo: Hector Sanchez. Bring the warm colors of fall into your home with these beautiful and simple decorating projects.

Simple window shelf. This one in front of a kitchen window frees counter space and keeps cooking ingredients handy. Colorful often-used items are grouped together for a visual display on top of an antique cabinet. Cooking utensils, beans and spices, small tools, and a chalkboard for posting reminders lend warmth.

If you're concerned that shelving will look bulky or cluttered in your small bathroom, this dark gray design by small.flat.ideas found on Instagram is a great alternative. By painting the shelves the same color as the wall, the eye is not immediately drawn to them and they don't feel overwhelming.

This video is about 40 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas - DIY Home Decor that is made of wood and used as an organizer for storing shoes, towels, drawers, etc. This hanging shelves wall can be

Stylish Walls: How to Decorate a Shelf When decorating a shelf, consider your design tastes as well as your storage needs in order to create a look that's beautiful and functional. Mix and match pieces that are purely for style (such as decorative objects ) with pieces that increase the functionality of your space.

Ideas for Floating Shelves. Floating shelves, installed with concealed brackets, supply streamlined storage and display surfaces that update underused walls. Hang them wherever you want to stow necessities or stage exhibits of favorite finds and artworks.