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Decorating a Small Bedroom on an even Smaller Budget Blissfully Domestic

Decorating on a budget can be colorful and chic! Plus a canopy DIY made from a hula hoop! TargetStyle and I team up to show you just how simple it is to style your space without breaking the bank

Include a few high-impact accessories in your small bedroom. Some budget-friendly embellishments include rugs, frames and lights. Spice up your storage space. Storage space doesn't have to be expensive or boring, but in a small bedroom, you need to be smart about it. A few ways to decorate your small bedroom on a budget while saving space

When you're looking for ways to decorate your bedroom easily and cheaply, you might feel at a loss of where to start. It's easy to do though, and here are some charming but cheap bedroom decorating ideas and DIY bedroom decor that won't break your budget!

You won't believe this: The only new purchases in the bedroom were the window treatments and black silk accent pillows. HGTV fan room4change was determined to create a retreat on a small budget, so she saved money by repurposing almost everything in the room or making it from scratch.

Listed below are easy-to-DIY or cheap-to-buy budget decorating ideas for teenage bedrooms that will fit your teen (and your budget) for years to come. For an added bonus, try some of the DIY decorating projects together. You may find that decorating your teen's bedroom is a lot of fun after all!

There are many tricks that help to make the most of a small space in your home and even make it look bigger so that you feel more comfortable and satisfied in your flat. In this OneHowTo article we offer some tips and tricks used by interior design experts so that you learn how to decorate a small apartment on a budget and give it a touch of grandeur.