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Mark Sunderland on Design: How To Decorate A China Cabinet

China Cabinet Makeover BRING OUTDATED FURNITURE BACK TO LIFE EASILY WITH A LITTLE PAINT, PAIRED WITH THE PERFECT WALLPAPER. CHECK OUT THIS SIMPLE DIY CHINA CABINET MAKEOVER. One thing I really love about a home decorating style is that it can constantly evolve. I have "grown" in & out of styles over the years & I know I'm not done yet!

China cabinet decor in and above What others are saying combining airy blues, greens, and yellows. A crisp white duvet and armoire stand out against the light yellow walls.

One way to decorate your china cabinet without overwhelming the space is to emphasize an accent color throughout the space. For example, if your china has a blue and white pattern, consider adding several other items in that same blue shade to the cabinet, such as:

Having decor items on top of a cabinet that blend with the wall can give you the storage and display space you desire, and they won't dominate the scene or make everything seem top-heavy. I love how these ginger jars are massed together, Had they been black like the cabinet, they would have caused the furniture piece to overpower the space.

There are as many ways to decorate a china cabinet as there are china patterns. So how to decorate a china cabinet can be a tricky question to ask. It all depends on what the cabinet is used for. China cabinets aren't just used for dinnerware anymore. You can also use a china cabinet to store curios and just general knickknacks.

Wallpaper is a great choice for decorating the inside of a cabinet. There is a wide selection of different patterns and colors that can become a stunning design statement. If you have wallpaper leftover from a project, consider using it to paper the inside of cabinets.