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Marble Craft: Bathrooms

Cultured Marble is a man-made material that is non-porous and low-maintenance, primarily used for bathroom fixtures like bathtubs, countertops, sinks, and showers. Cultured Marble can mimic the appearance of granite or marble, and has a high-gloss finish that offers durability and resistance to stains, chipping, and abrasion.

Cultured marble is made from marble dust and high strength polyester resin in a process that involves several steps. It is usually stronger than common marble and is widely used in bathroom surfaces and products like shower pans, bathtubs, vanity tops, shower surrounds, and bases.

Cultured Marble Bathtubs Cultured marble bathtubs are always oversized, can be round, oval, or square in shape, and may be jetted. One of the easiest ways to spot this man-made material is the "swirly", "speckled", or "veiny" look to its finish.

Cultured Marble Bathtub Cost. A cultured marble bathtub will cost between $1,700 and $2,500, installed. Labor will make up about $200 to $300 of this total. There are many options for materials when replacing your bathtub.

The Cultured Marble Free Standing tub is a fine illustration of a lovely, art-inspired tub. Our cultured marble tubs are bathtubs that either a double slipper which is a slipper tub where both ends of the tub sweep up allowing 2 people to recline in the tub or for a single person to recline at either end.

I've found that cultured marble makes a great, affordable solution for showers, countertops, and sinks in a bathroom. It's more substantial than fiberglass or acrylic shower stalls and less expensive than tile.