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Anna Wintour's Long Island Home

Cozy Home Interiors Blog: Interior design enthusiast and blogger, Allison Maroules, specializes in creating warm and inviting residential spaces

"Let Us Sell Your Furniture" has been lettered on the front window of The Cozy Home since we first opened back in October 2013. It took three months to get the space ready for our future consignors, customers, and furniture.

Cozy Home Interiors is my way of connecting with you all. It's about having fun and doing what I love! You'll find it doesn't take much to excite me, and when a project is complete, it's such an awesome feeling of accomplishment! Cozy Home Interiors is a great sense of accomplishment for me.

I run Cozy Home Interiors studio & blog! I'm an interior design enthusiast that loves all things cozy! Creating a cozy home is about finding pieces that speak to you and reflect your personality. It's all about creating a space you love and making it your own. That to me makes a cozy home!

cozy home interiors What others are saying A Naples, Florida, living room sets the stage for the rest of the house — bold pattern, blue and white, straightforward furniture.

Fur, wool, felt, linen, and cotton blankets and pillows are excellent for winter decorating. Throws and pillows, furniture covers, and window curtains are functional decor accessories that can transform any living room into a safe and cozy retreat in winter.