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17 Elegant And Trendy Bedroom Closet Desingns Home Decorating Ideas

If your closet is pretty roomy, you can add a small loveseat or armchair that plays off of the colors used throughout the closet. Also, you can add attractive shelving and creatively decorated organizers that will pop against your racks of clothes and jackets.

There are approximately three shapes of common closet design: the "L", "U" and the straight walk-in closet. All of these shapes are suitable for clothes, shoes, dresses and more depend on the stuff you want to store. However, the "U" shaped closet does require three walls for a maximum storage.

Check out these no-closet and tiny closet ideas: Collect this idea. If you don't have a closet, or if your closet is way too small, turn a wall into an open closet by grouping your dresser with floating shelves, hooks and open bookcases. 30 Modern Living Room Design Ideas to Upgrade Your

Closet Rods, Brackets and Supports. These days, you'll find more fun closet accessories at your fingertips than you could ever imagine. But sometimes, the most basic gadgets, like the closet rod, can make just the difference you need in organizing your closet.

Give your closet doors some dimensional interest with little more than paint and canvas stretchers or frames. This project works on single-door closets or folding doors, not sliders. First, paint the door with a base color of your choosing. (Using a glossy paint makes it easier to clean the doors.)

When it's time to decorate your bedroom, don't forget about your closets. Closets might be utilitarian, but there's no reason they can't be used to add extra decorative impact—an especially effective technique in a small room. For inspiration, here are five examples of ways talented designers, homeowners, and renters have jazzed up their closets.