Cascading Glass Bubble Chandelier | Home Interior Ideas

Charming Lightness of a Glass Bubble Chandelier Light Fixtures Design Ideas

A glass bubble chandelier is a whimsical light fixture that looks splendidly, stylishly, and attractively, and makes a real royal castle from a plain room. It is difficult to describe the beauty of these crystal spheres, since they always have a natural appearance, convenient for any style. Plafonds for lusters can be made of Czech crystal.

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With a wide variety of modern geometric chandeliers, including circular, rectangular and diamond shapes, orb and glass globe chandeliers and the ever-popular drum shade chandeliers, we have taken even these simple though popular designs and curated a collection that pushes modern and contemporary chandeliers to new heights.

Cascading chandeliers range from floating bubbles to shiny crystals and whimsical LED strands that seem to be hanging precariously from their base attached to the ceiling. From the extravagant to the abstract, these tiered wonders come in a variety of shapes and finishes.

Hand blown glass bubbles are individually arranged to create a shape reminiscent of floating clouds. Sunlight will create patterns of reflected light through your home, while nights will be warmed by a soft glow shining through the glass bubbles.

For a light fixture with maximum drama, consider the cascading chandelier. This is some type of canopy or "base" with strands falling from the base. Strands might be crystals, glass bubbles or shells. Whatever the material, there are definitely some unspoken rules to consider when selecting this type of fixture.