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Think of Your Desk Like a Cockpit. You can mount an external hard drive, for example, to the back of your monitor, as well as cables, pens, and more. The same is true for stashing stuff under the desk top or at the edges of your desk. Use brackets to mount a router or hard drive under your desk.

Since I spend the majority of my week working at the desk in my home office, I put a lot of thought into designing my ideal setup where I can be productive and stay inspired as I handle the many different parts of running Ugmonk. You might have even seen some of my desk photos floating around the web somewhere since th

The 8 Best Desktop PCs of 2019. Search. The computer, monitor, and speakers all existing within one unit limits the amount of space this PC takes up on your desk. Complete with an edge-to-edge touchscreen, the 21.5-inch 1080p IPS panel provides you with supreme display options and

A cluttered, unorganized desk can sap your energy and make you less productive. To get more out of your workspace, check out the in-depth guide to setting up your desk (including what to put on

If you work in an office, you probably spend the vast majority of your time at a desk. And the way your desk is set up will play a big role in determining how you feel while you're at work and how productive you are. What is the best desk setup for productivity? #Productivity #Organization #Desk

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