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The bed height you choose is a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind who will be using the bed. It should be hung level regardless of height. Surplus chain links should be at the ceiling end rather than hanging off the bed. The chain lengths were chosen for ceiling heights between 8 and 9 feet.

DIY indoor hanging bed. This one is intended for open rafter ceilings. You need to secure the braces to the ceiling joists and drill a vertical hole in each brace for the eye bolts. Push the bolts through the holes and place a fender washer on the threaded end of each one.

You would use welded chain and grade 5 or 7 bolts ensuring that the bolts pass through steel plates on either side of the beam at the four points that the chain will hang through the ceiling. The base should be welded 1 inch square tubing fashioned in such a manner as to support the perimeter of the bed frame with additional tubing spanning the frame 1/3 from each end to support the middle of the bed frame.

We received an interesting and highly detailed question from a reader recently who found a few tiny larvae in his room. The reader first noticed the larvae when they were lowering themselves onto his bed using a thread attached to the ceiling.

Hang a chandelier directly over the bed or center it on the ceiling to up the romance quotient in a room not solely meant for sleeping. 1 Measure your room's length and width in feet.

Kids bed hanging from a ceiling. Beds that hang from the ceiling are nice space saving ideas for really small bedroom designs, because the bed takes up most of the floor area. Especially when there is not a lot of room for the rest of bedroom furniture, - desks and chairs - the bedroom design with hanging loft bed or a bed hanging from the ceiling is a great idea.