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Zebra Skin Chair

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As with the nature with animal skins the pictured below are representations of what we have available, the skin you receive will be similar to the picture in both size and colour pattern however will not be exactly the same. To read more on each piece you can get more information by clicking on the image below. FROM AFRICA TO THE WORLD!

African Furniture & Décor African decorating & design are based on two distinct themes-the unique textures, patterns & colour found in Africa's rich natural environment, and the abstract & organic art that stems from firmly ingrained rituals & traditions dating back eons

The Animal Skins are decorative furniture items that are used like Paintings. They are purchased from the Traveling Merchant for 1 each. Types [edit edit source]

Most leather comes from developing countries such as India and China, where animal welfare laws are either non-existent or not enforced. In India, a PETA investigation found that workers break cows' tails and rub chili peppers and tobacco into their eyes in order to force them to get up and walk after they collapse from exhaustion on the way

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