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Ancient Chinese Architecture. Ancient Chinese buildings have a long history which can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (16th century BC - 771 BC). It has its own principles of structure and layout. Through the long development, many wonders have been created by industrious and clever laboring people.

The traditional house design is based around a courtyard. Chinese houses (宅 院 zhái yuàn) normally comprised a main residence flanked on two sides by walls and smaller rooms to form an enclosed courtyard. The windows and doors open onto the courtyard (庭 tíng) rather than the exterior.

Ancient Chinese Interior design. This setting is undoubtedly Chinese in nature. There are rounded windows with artistic designs in the furniture go well with the green curtains. The dark brown furniture is well polished and goes well with the pictures of gardens on the walls. Polished wooden frames are used on the walls and ceiling, with pictures in the middle.

The ancient people in China created the first piece of furniture for people to sit on: the floor mat. Various prototypes of wooden furniture were designed around the sitting mat, such as short-legged wooden desks for the lap, chopping boards with legs, and short tables. Wealthy and important Chinese sat on platforms.

The small private homes of the ancient Chinese were usually built from dried mud, rough stones, and wood. The most ancient houses are square, rectangular, or oval. They had thatch roofs (e.g. of straw or reed bundles) supported by wooden poles, the foundation holes for which are often still visible.

Most hall furniture from Imperial era China was made of mahogany, or hongmu, a tropical, straight grained, reddish brown hardwood. The most valuable woods used were huanghuali and zitan, both hardwoods found on Hainan, China's largest island. Chinese pear, Huanghuali ('yellow flowering pear'), or huali is from the rosewood family. The colours range from a reddish brown to golden yellow and has a sweet fragrance.