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The best color for office walls often depends on its function. A doctor's office requires soothing colors to help calm nervous patients. Stimulate cubicle workers with bright reds, violets, and blues. Consider soft shades of yellow for a child psychologist's office, to help the children feel both relaxed and positive.

Home office features an accent wall painted grey lined with built-in desks paired with green task chairs flanking built-in shelves under stacked floating shelves.

Contemporary home office with brick wall and striking wall art [Design: John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods] A simple and urbane way to bring in contrast into the home office with accent brick wall [Design: Paramax Homes] Accent brick wall for the modern home office [Design: Rockefeller Partners Architects] Smart workspace design for more than

Glass tile accent walls are stunning and can change your space. Your options for the tile accent wall include tiling the entire wall in gorgeous glass tile for a high-end look. This is the most dramatic way to add a tile accent wall but may not be affordable for every budget.

Wood Accent Walls In Home Offices Create a warm working environment by installing some wood paneling on a wall. Reclaimed wood boards would work as a charm too. Using dark tones might help to make your home office moody and masculine.

An accent wall with alternating stripes in bold and light hues brings the room alive while ensuring that the color scheme of the space is largely untouched. You can either introduce an entirely new color in a neutral setting or use one of the accent colors that is being already used in the home office for the stripes.