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Retro Vintage Hemp Rope Macrame 2 Tier Hanging Wood Shelf

A Little Hemp Rope History. The first ropes are said to be twisted from Cannabis hemp fibers! Hemp rope was the dominant rope used during the age of sailing ships as part of the boat's rigging and anchor cord. Hemp is one of the strongest, long-lasting, durable, mold resistant fibers on earth.

Hemp rope is often tarred to increase its longevity is traditional sailing applications. Let's not forget Hempex rope, Langman Ropes' synthetic fiber alternative to their own hemp rope. Made from spun polypropylene fibers, Hempex is a very close approximation of the look of hemp rope, but with all the performance advantages of a modern rope

A 1/2" (12mm) diameter hemp rope, and one of our most popular sizes of hemp rope. Suitable for any number of craft, garden, utility and decorative uses. Thick enough to be extremely strong durable, by thin enough to be extremely flexible and compact. This rope is very strong and durable with a classic old world look.

Size Name: 2 inch X 25 feet Natural Manila Hemp rope has been one of the most popular type of ropes dating back to its origin in the 1700's to today due to versatility and reliability. This manila hemp rope is all natural and environmentally friendly made from the leaves of the abaca plant.

Manila rope - often referred to as hemp - is a natural fiber product of a type which has been in use for thousands of years.. It is made from the 'abaca' or musa textilis plant, which is grown in the Phillipines and is related to the banana plant.Over the last 50 years synthetics have taken its place a lot of applications, especially where safety is involved.

The rope I received measured 2 1/2 inches and created a problem since all of the hardware purchased for installation was designed for a 2" rope. Date published: 2017-05-26. Rated 4 out of 5 by Martin from Lovely product but OD is more like 2 1/4" min . Lovely product but OD is more like 2 1